Frequent Questions

How to use Mailitperfect image upload feature
Mailitperfect image upload feature is very simple. Please follow the below steps

  • First, paste your HTML
  • Click the Upload Images button to upload the images from your local. Make sure you defined your image in the HTML.
  • Once you upload the images. It will check your HTML and replace the images automatically.
  • Caution: Make sure you are uploading the same images which you defined in your HTML. If image names are different. It will not be uploaded.

What the image check feature in Mailitperfect?
By Image Check feature you can check if there is any broken image in your HTML. If it finds any broken image it will show you the list of the broken image. It also shows you image upload button in case it finds any broken image. Once you upload the image. It will automatically change the respective image path.

What is Upload Images feature in Mailitperfect?
Now email developer does not have to wait for IT guy/client to upload the image on their server and change the image URL in the Email HTML. With our advanced image upload feature. They can do it with just one click. First, paste your HTML and then click Upload Images button. Select the image you defined in the email HTML. Our tool will automatically change the image path automatically. So you do not have to do it manually. If any image already hosted on your server. It will not change that.

Why cannot we upload images more than 5MB on Mailitperfect?
Some email client does not accept emails if mail is more than 5MB. That is why we put the limitation of 5MB.

Why am I not getting test mail?
To get a test email. First email receiver has to verify the email ID. If receiver email ID is not verified or does not exist on our domain we will send you a verification email. Once you verify your email ID. You will get the test email. If still having a problem just write to us

Why am I getting mail in my spam?
You may get the test email in your spam. Spam can be caused by many reasons. But most common reason are below.

  • Bad HTML coding: Some time spam caused by bad HTML coding. Please make sure you are validating your email HTML.
  • Bad Content: Content is the most important part of an emailer. Some email client uses the algorithms to check the abusive words. If they find any they mark it spam. Make sure you are using right words in your email campaign.
  • Using Script In Email HTML: Mostly email client does not support any kind of script in emailer HTML. If email client finds any kind of script they will treat your email as spam. Make sure you are not using any kind of script in your email HTML.
  • Using Hacks: Some time developer uses the hack to bypass the email client setting. If email client finds this kind of code the mark it spam.

Why am I getting broken images in the test email?
Most email developers ask the same question. There may be many reasons. We are listing most common reason below.

  • Undefined or Wrong Image Extension: If you did not define the image extension or define the wrong image extension in the image naming that will show the broken image.
  • Space In Image Name/URL: If there is any space or special character in the image naming or image hosting path. It may show you broken image on some email client.
  • Absolute URL: It has been seen many time. The developer does not care about the image or folder naming. For example, if the time of hosting you use the Capital letter in the image naming or folder naming on the server and defined the small letter in emailer HTML. That also causes the broken image. Make sure you are using the absolute path of the image.
  • Valid Image Type: There is limited images type supported by the email client. Make sure you are using the valid image type in your Email HTML.
  • Have Images: If image weight is high. It may also cause the broken image. Make sure you are optimizing the images for the web.

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